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DNA Rotors - Super Spoke, Mesh, OEM

Choose from the Super Spoke, Mesh or OEM Designs

All DNA  rotors are cut from 410 stainless steel

blanks and mirror polished to a brilliant finish.

Rotor Bolts: 5 pieces set of stainless steel button head Allen bolts.

Pricing each Rotor

 $59.95 – 11.5″ Polished

$79.95 for 11.8″ Polished

$79.95 for 11.5″ Black Center

$99.95 for 11.8″ Black Center

Rotor Hardware 5 pc. Front or Rear $12.00

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Technical Specifications
Brand: DNA Specialty
Product Name: Super Spoke Rotor
Center Finish Color: 

Polished Stainless Steel/Candy Red/Candy Blue/Candy Copper/Gold/Black/White/Custom

Size: 11.5″ (Front/Rear)
11.8″ (Front/Rear)
Material: High Polished Stainless Steel





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