Detonator Motorcycle Mirror Sequential LED Turn Signal Set – $195.95

Sequential LED Turn Signal Motorcycle mirror set featuring Amber LED’s on the forward facing side of the mirror. Arrows will flash from inside to outside in a sequential pattern. Functions as turn signals only. Does not have running light feature. SKU 60637-00 Features: 3 Super-bright Amber LEDs arrows on forward facing side of mirror housing behind a clear lens- Front facing LEDs functions as full intensity turn signals.- Flashes sequentially from inside to outside when turn signal is activated.- Billet construction with bright chrome plated frames.

Installation: Designed for motorcycles where the mirror bolt passes through the perch housing. Nut tightens up from bottom of stud under perch housing . Simply bolt the mirrors on, connect the power wire to the turn signal power wires and you’re done. Sold in Pairs ..

Not intended to be used as only turn signals source on your motorcycle.

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