We are proud to present Colorado Custom Motorcycle wheel
designs for your custom Harley
Lucky 7        Grand Rapids    Monte Carlo        Vegas                 Reno   
Custom Motorcycle Wheel Styles from Colorado Custom Wheels - Call 626-347-3366 for a custom quote
Stiletto             Tuff Luck           Titan                Impala            Crusader
Matching Rotors and Pulleys
are available.
Chrome Wheel Prices
16x3.5   $1,150.00         16x5.5  $1,195.00
17x12     $1,790.00        17x3.5  $1,150.00
17x6.25   $1,195.00        18x10   $1,590.00  
18x10.50  $1,590.00       18x14   $3,000.00  
18x3.5     $1,150.00       18x4.25 $1,195.00  
18x5.5    $1,195.00        18x8.5   $1,495.00  
19x2.15  $1,150.00        19x3.0  $ 1,175.00  
20x10   $1,990.00           20x7.0  $ 1,990.00
21x2.125 $1,175.00        21x3.25 $1,195.00
23x3.75  $1,595.00       26 x 4.0 $1875.00
30 x 3.75 call for price
100% Billet & Chromed
Custom Aluminum Wheels in
great styles for your custom
motorcycle. Fitments for all
Harley Davidson Models.
Call 626-347-3366 for a
custom wheel quote and
prices on matching
rotors and pulleys
Matching Rotors & Pulleys
Street Custom Motorcycle.com
Street Custom Motorcycle Wheels that are Made in the USA
Special Sale Pricing on all Custom Wheels - call 626-347-3366
Wheel styles available in Chrome or Black & Chrome Finishes
Click on any picture for a larger view of the wheel
The Manhatten
Chrome wheel
pictured on the left
is a custom cut 3-D
wheel. Not to be
confused with our
regular billet
wheels. Call for a
price on this
specially cut and
designed wheel.

Pulley and 2 Rotors
included in package.
Same price for chrome
or powder coated
wheels. Call for
current pricing