DNA Custom Billet Wheels, No Limitations in style and custom variations.
Your choice of Color, Black, Contrast or Chrome. Great Package pricing
on complete sets with 2 rotors and matching pulley, for only
Fantastic Value for a Made in the USA Billet wheel set
DNA "Virus" Billet Wheel
Matching Rotors, Pulley, Sprocket
or Air Cleaner for any wheel style..
DNA "Rave" Billet Wheel
In Chrome, Black, Contrast or
any Color Variation
DNA "Thirteen" Billet Wheel
To Order your set of DNA custom
billet wheels Call 626-347-3366
DNA "Storm" Billet Wheel
DNA "SS2" Billet Wheel
DNA "Crystal" Billet Wheel
Add some Crystal "Bling" to your ride..
DNA "Beast" Billet Wheel
DNA "Saint" Billet Wheel
Another New Design for 2016
DNA "Vader" Billet Wheel
We also have Trike wheels
in this design...
DNA "C2" Billet Wheel
DNA "Victory" Billet Wheel
"Simply a Winner"....
DNA "Threat" Billet Wheel
DNA "Envy" Billet Wheel
DNA "Icon" Billet Wheel
DNA "Greed" Billet Wheel
DNA "Lust" Billet Wheel
DNA "Smoothie" Billet Wheel
Brilliant Chrome or Black Finish
Purchase individually or in a set
Any DNA Wheel can be purchased
individually or in a set, call for price...
DNA Custom Billet wheels fit all
Harley Davidson Motorcycles
Add a Matching Air Cleaner to
complete your custom theme
"New for 2016" in Chrome,
Black, Contrast or Brilliant Color
"Greed" is Good.....
Beauty with a "Beast" of a design
Many Brilliant Colors Available
to fit any theme or design
Yes, your friends will Envy you
when to get these wheels
Wicked and to the Point...
Aerospace Grade Billet Aluminum is
used for all DNA Billet Wheels
Storm Gold
Available NOW in Chrome for Immediate Delivery
$1569.00 for the SET - 21 x 3.25 - 18 x 5.5
Complete Package $2429.00

includes sizes:
16 x 3.5, 18 x 3.5, 18 x4.25,
19 x 2.15 & 21 x 2.15  
Additional Sizes:
16 x 5.5,18 x 5.5, 21x 3.25, Add $70.00
23x 3.75  Add $250.00 - 26x 3.75 Add $400.00
18 x 8.5 Add $225 18 x 10.5 Add $300
With 2 - 11.5" Rotors & Pulley